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Ar Architecture worked in Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Camden and NW3, NW5 areas.

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  • St James’s Place, London

    St James’s Place, London

    A full refurbishment of a late 17th century Grade II listed building in Central London

  • Acacia road, London

    Acacia road

    New luxury private detached villa in St John’s Wood area of North-West London

  • Kensington Square, London

    Kensington Square

    A full refurbishment of a Grade II listed building in Central London

  • Golf Club Apartments, Hertfordshire

    Golf Club Apartments, Hertfordshire

    New residential complex and gym extension in a historic walled garden

  • Netherhall Gardens, Hampstead

    Netherhall Gardens, Hampstead

    Seven-units residential refurbishment in North-West London

  • York Mansions, Battersea

    York Mansions, Battersea

    Full refurbishment and modernisation of a period flat in South London

  • Glenmore Road, Hampstead

    Glenmore Road, Hampstead

    Refurbishment and basement extension of a GF flat in North-West London

  • Akenside Road, Hampstead

    Akenside Road, Hampstead

    Refurbishment and extension of a ground floor flat in North-West London